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Complete Tractor has adapted to the current COVID-19 outbreak to keep our community, customers and employees safe. These measures have allowed us to continue serving our customers with little impact to order delivery.

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  • Any employee who can work from home is now doing so. Working from home has allowed us to dramatically reduce the number of people who are present in our offices and warehouse facilities.

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The good news is that we’re operating at nearly 100% capacity in shipping orders. You can continue to rely on us for the aftermarket parts you need. We are aware that the COVID-19 outbreak has impacted some of the delivery services we use, so there are occasional delays for that reason. At this time, the impact of these delays appears minimal.

We’re working hard to provide you with the replacement parts you need to keep tractors and farm equipment fully operational. We’ll get through this time together and look forward to promising times ahead.

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Compressor For Deutz 4437338, 7807944

Compressor For Deutz 4437338, 7807944

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This product is currently unavailable.

15.00 LBS
AC Compressors
A/C Components
4437338 7807944

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Product Description

Tractor Air Conditioning Compressor
A well-functioning air conditioner in a tractor is vital during the hot and humid days of summer. If your tractor has an enclosed cab, it becomes even more important because all the glass can raise temperatures to unbearable levels. In the heat of summer, a working air conditioner is more than a comfort feature. It can be a safety feature to keep you from overheating.

Function of the Air Conditioning Compressor
The purpose of the compressor is to move refrigerant throughout the system. Our compressors run with great efficiency to keep your tractor air conditioner running at peak performance. A Complete Tractor air conditioning compressor will fit and perform just like the original that came in your tractor.

3 Signs that an Air Conditioning Compressor is Failing
If you experience any of these conditions, you may need to replace the compressor in your air conditioning soon.

  • Difficulty in Starting or Stopping - If the air conditioning unit becomes challenging to start or stop, the compressor may be experiencing a malfunction.
  • Declining Cooling Capacity – If the air conditioning unit can’t cool as well as it once did, it’s a sign of the compressor potentially failing.
  • Unusual Sounds – Noises could indicate anything from worn parts to leaks in the system.

The Complete Tractor Advantage – 1-Year Warranty
We stand behind every product with our total-confidence 1-year warranty. Yes, you have a full year to make sure your order meets your expectations.

Part Number: C1306-7005T
MPN: 4437338 7807944
Part Notes

Belt Type : Double groove v-belt
Pulley Outside Diameter : 6"
Voltage : 12v
Compressor Oil : PAG-100, 8oz
Product Notes : Horizontal Tube-O (HTO)
  • MakeVehicle TypeModel
  • DeutzTractor D4007
  • Deutz Tractor D4507
  • Deutz Tractor D4507C
  • Deutz Tractor D4807
  • Deutz Tractor D4807C
  • Deutz Tractor D5207
  • Deutz Tractor D5207C
  • Deutz Tractor D6007
  • Deutz Tractor D6007C
  • Deutz Tractor D6207
  • Deutz Tractor D6207C
  • Deutz Tractor D6507C
  • Deutz Tractor D6807
  • Deutz Tractor D6807C
  • Deutz Tractor D7007
  • Deutz Tractor D7007C
  • Deutz Tractor D7207
  • Deutz Tractor D7207C
  • Deutz Tractor D7807
  • Deutz Tractor D7807C
  • Deutz Tractor DX110
  • Deutz Tractor DX120
  • Deutz Tractor DX130
  • Deutz Tractor DX140
  • Deutz Tractor DX145
  • Deutz Tractor DX160
  • Deutz Tractor DX3.10
  • Deutz Tractor DX3.30
  • Deutz Tractor DX3.50
  • Deutz Tractor DX3.60
  • Deutz Tractor DX3.65
  • Deutz Tractor DX3.70
  • Deutz Tractor DX3.80
  • Deutz Tractor DX3.90
  • Deutz Tractor DX4.10
  • Deutz Tractor DX4.30
  • Deutz Tractor DX4.31
  • Deutz Tractor DX4.51
  • Deutz Tractor DX4.70
  • Deutz Tractor DX6.05
  • Deutz Tractor DX6.10
  • Deutz Tractor DX6.30
  • Deutz Tractor DX6.50
  • Deutz Tractor DX7.10
  • Deutz Tractor DX90
  • Deutz Tractor DX92

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