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Complete Tractor has adapted to the current COVID-19 outbreak to keep our community, customers and employees safe. These measures have allowed us to continue serving our customers with little impact to order delivery.

Here are the actions we’ve taken:

  • Any employee who can work from home is now doing so. Working from home has allowed us to dramatically reduce the number of people who are present in our offices and warehouse facilities.

  • We’ve redesigned our workstations in our shipping and distribution centers, adding space between packing areas, implementing additional social distancing guidelines and reducing the amount of contact with packages and merchandise.

  • Package handlers have been issued protective gear such as gloves and masks when processing orders. We’ve also provided hand sanitizers for use by employees.

  • Temperatures are checked for all employees entering our offices and warehouses. Persons exhibiting a temperature outside of a normal range are not admitted to our facilities. We’re following CDC guidelines for delaying a return to work when someone exhibits signs of illness.

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  • We encourage our employees to take care of themselves and their families during this outbreak. Our health-first approach to employee relations strengthens our sense of teamwork.

The good news is that we’re operating at nearly 100% capacity in shipping orders. You can continue to rely on us for the aftermarket parts you need. We are aware that the COVID-19 outbreak has impacted some of the delivery services we use, so there are occasional delays for that reason. At this time, the impact of these delays appears minimal.

We’re working hard to provide you with the replacement parts you need to keep tractors and farm equipment fully operational. We’ll get through this time together and look forward to promising times ahead.

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New AC Air Conditioner Manifold For John Deere Tractor Loader Skidder RE55423

New AC Air Conditioner Manifold For John Deere Tractor Loader Skidder RE55423

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1.30 LBS
AC Components
A/C Components

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Product Description

Tractor Manifolds
Complete Tractor manifolds are solidly built to withstand rugged agricultural conditions. Our aftermarket manifolds are built to OEM specifications for a perfect fit to replace the original one. These manifolds are an important part to keep your tractor operating at peak efficiency.

Types of Manifolds
When you look at manifolds, you’ll find both intake and exhaust manifolds. Depending on design, some manifolds perform just one of those functions and others perform both. Intake manifolds evenly distribute a mixture of vaporized fuel to the cylinders. Symptoms of a poorly functioning intake manifold include engine misfires and diminishing power. Exhaust manifolds, on the other hand, collect exhaust gases and release them through the exhaust system.

3 Reasons to Buy Your Next Manifold from Complete Tractor

  • OEM Quality Every Time – Our aftermarket tractor manifolds are quality built with seams that are 100% tight.
  • Direct-Fit OEM Replacement Parts – Installation is easy because the new manifold is designed to fit just like the original.
  • Engineer-Tested Excellence – Our products are tested to meet high performance standards.

The Complete Tractor Advantage – 1-Year Warranty
We stand behind every product with our total-confidence 1-year warranty. Yes, you have a full year to make sure everything meets your expectations.

Part Number: C1406-7075T
MPN: 1406-7075
Part Notes

  • MakeVehicle TypeModel
  • John DeereCrawler 700H Crawler
  • John Deere Crawler 700J Crawler
  • John Deere Crawler 750J Crawler
  • John Deere Crawler 764 Crawler
  • John Deere Crawler 850C Crawler
  • John Deere Crawler 850J Crawler
  • John Deere Loader 315 Skid Steer
  • John Deere Loader 317 Skid Steer
  • John Deere Loader 320 Skid Steer
  • John Deere Loader 325 Skid Steer
  • John Deere Loader 328 Skid Steer
  • John Deere Loader 332 Skid Steer
  • John Deere Loader 540E Skidder
  • John Deere Loader 540G Skidder
  • John Deere Loader 548E Skidder
  • John Deere Loader 548G Skidder
  • John Deere Loader 640E Skidder
  • John Deere Loader 648E Skidder
  • John Deere Loader 740E Skidder
  • John Deere Loader 740G Skidder
  • John Deere Loader 748E Skidder
  • John Deere Loader CT322 Compact Track Loader
  • John Deere Loader CT332 Compact Track Loader
  • John Deere Tractor 2254 Combine
  • John Deere Tractor 250D Artic Dump
  • John Deere Tractor 300D Indust/Const
  • John Deere Tractor 310 Indust/Const
  • John Deere Tractor 444H Indust/Const
  • John Deere Tractor 444J Indust/Const
  • John Deere Tractor 444JR Indust/Const
  • John Deere Tractor 444K Indust/Const
  • John Deere Tractor 4555
  • John Deere Tractor 4560
  • John Deere Tractor 4755
  • John Deere Tractor 4760
  • John Deere Tractor 4955
  • John Deere Tractor 4960
  • John Deere Tractor 524K Indust/Const
  • John Deere Tractor 544G Indust/Const
  • John Deere Tractor 544H Indust/Const
  • John Deere Tractor 6000 Hi-Cycle
  • John Deere Tractor 6100 Sprayer
  • John Deere Tractor 624G Indust/Const
  • John Deere Tractor 624H Indust/Const
  • John Deere Tractor 624J Indust/Const
  • John Deere Tractor 624K Indust/Const
  • John Deere Tractor 643D Feller Buncher
  • John Deere Tractor 644G Indust/Const
  • John Deere Tractor 644H Indust/Const
  • John Deere Tractor 644J Indust/Const
  • John Deere Tractor 644K Indust/Const
  • John Deere Tractor 6500 Sprayer
  • John Deere Tractor 653E Feller Buncher
  • John Deere Tractor 6600 Sprayer
  • John Deere Tractor 670B Grader
  • John Deere Tractor 670C Grader
  • John Deere Tractor 670D Grader
  • John Deere Tractor 670G Grader
  • John Deere Tractor 672B Grader
  • John Deere Tractor 672D Grader
  • John Deere Tractor 672G Grader
  • John Deere Tractor 724J Indust/Const
  • John Deere Tractor 724K Indust/Const
  • John Deere Tractor 7445 Cotton Picker
  • John Deere Tractor 744H Indust/Const
  • John Deere Tractor 744K Indust/Const
  • John Deere Tractor 7450 Cotton Picker
  • John Deere Tractor 770C Grader
  • John Deere Tractor 770D Grader
  • John Deere Tractor 770G Grader
  • John Deere Tractor 772B Grader
  • John Deere Tractor 772CH Grader
  • John Deere Tractor 772D Grader
  • John Deere Tractor 772G Grader
  • John Deere Tractor 824K Indust/Const
  • John Deere Tractor 844J Indust/Const
  • John Deere Tractor 844K Indust/Const
  • John Deere Tractor 870D Grader
  • John Deere Tractor 870G Grader
  • John Deere Tractor 872D Grader
  • John Deere Tractor 872G Grader
  • John Deere Tractor 9930 Cotton Picker
  • John Deere Tractor 9965 Cotton Picker
  • John Deere Tractor 9970 Cotton Picker
  • John Deere Tractor 9976 Cotton Picker
  • John Deere Tractor TC44H Tool Carrier
  • John Deere Tractor TC54H Tool Carrier
  • John Deere Tractor TC62H Tool Carrier
  • John Deere Windrower 3430 Windrower
  • John Deere Windrower 3830 Windrower

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