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Fuel Filter for Case International - A39867

Fuel Filter for Case International - A39867

Item #: FF2104
Complete Tractor fuel filters keep your tractor running smoothly by keeping fuel systems clean.
  • Fuel filters trap grime and residue before it contaminates fuel systems
  • A high load capacity keeps these filters working for a long life
  • Premium grade filters handle dusty agricultural environments
  • Periodic inspection and replacement of fuel filters can boost performance
  • Perfect fit ensures optimal filtering effectiveness
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Quality Fuel Filters for Tractors
Complete Tractor offers quality fuel filters to keep your tractor and agricultural equipment running smoothly. Fuel filters prevent grime, rust particles and other contaminants from entering the fuel delivery system, which allows your engine to operate at greater efficiency. As the filter loads with contaminants, it become less effective, making routine filter replacement a part of good tractor maintenance.

Signs It’s Time to Replace a Fuel Filter
Fuel filters are one of those things that can be easily overlooked, until engine performance starts to diminish. That’s why it’s wise to periodically replace fuel filters. Without regular maintenance, any of the following could occur due to restricted fuel flow:

  • Sluggish engine power
  • Stalling
  • Rough engine performance

Set Up a Fuel Filter Replacement Schedule
Replacing fuel filters in tractors and farm equipment regularly is important because of the dusty environment of working in the fields. Complete Tractor sells fuel filters that fit and function perfectly to keep your fuel system clean.

Part Number: CFF2104T

MPN: FF2104

Part Notes

Outside Diameter : 3.7" / 94mm
Length : 4.25" / 108mm
Thread : 15/16 x 16 UNF

Part Fitment

Select Make & Type
MakeVehicle TypeModel
Case/International HarvesterTractor1740 Skid Steer
Case/International HarvesterTractor1835 Skid Steer
Case/International HarvesterTractor1835B Skid Steer
Case/International HarvesterTractor1845 Skid Steer
Case/International HarvesterTractor1845B Skid Steer
Case/International HarvesterTractor350
Case/International HarvesterTractor350B Loader
Case/International HarvesterTractor350D Skidder
Case/International HarvesterTractor351
Case/International HarvesterTractor400 Farmall
Case/International HarvesterTractor455B Crawler
Case/International HarvesterTractor470
Case/International HarvesterTractor480B Indust/Const
Case/International HarvesterTractor480C Indust/Const
Case/International HarvesterTractor480CK Indust/Const
Case/International HarvesterTractor480D Indust/Const
Case/International HarvesterTractor480LL Indust/Const
Case/International HarvesterTractor540 Indust/Const
Case/International HarvesterTractor541
Case/International HarvesterTractor580B Indust/Const
Case/International HarvesterTractor580C Indust/Const
Case/International HarvesterTractor580CK Indust/Const
Case/International HarvesterTractor580D Indust/Const
Case/International HarvesterTractor580SD Indust/Const
Case/International HarvesterTractor584C Indust/Const
Case/International HarvesterTractor584D Indust/Const
Case/International HarvesterTractor585C Indust/Const
Case/International HarvesterTractor585D Indust/Const
Case/International HarvesterTractor586C Indust/Const
Case/International HarvesterTractor586D Indust/Const
Case/International HarvesterTractor611
Case/International HarvesterTractor630
Case/International HarvesterTractor631
Case/International HarvesterTractor641
Case/International HarvesterTractorDH5 Trencher
Case/International HarvesterTractorG188D Eng
Case/International HarvesterTractorW11 Loader

Replaces These Part Numbers

Case/International HarvesterA151281, A39867

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