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Head Gasket Set for Massey Ferguson 133, 135, 148 3637599M91 Tractors; 1209-1302

Head Gasket Set for Massey Ferguson 133, 135, 148 3637599M91 Tractors; 1209-1302

Item #: 1209-1302
Head gaskets made to meet the demands of agricultural machinery
  • Creates a secure seal to maximize compression
  • Prevents leaks of vital fluids like cool and oil
  • Made to withstand extreme heat and pressure
  • Designed with exact OEM specifications for listed applications
  • Backed by a 1-year warranty for complete satisfaction
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Complete Tractor Head Gaskets
Complete Tractor stocks premium-quality head gaskets designed specifically for agricultural machinery. Our tractor head gaskets seal in fluids like oil and coolant while enhancing the compression needed to optimize engine power. Positioned between the cylinder head and the engine block, the head gasket plays an incredibly important role in the function of your engine. It also works in one of the most stressful locations with a combination of heat and pressure. For these reasons, you want to install a quality head gasket that seals well and resists degradation from environmental stresses.

Signs it’s time to replace your tractor head gasket
One of the signs of a blown head gasket is engine overheating. Of course, engines overheat for other reasons, too. Look for these additional signs to narrow down your issue to a faulty head gasket. White or blue smoke from the exhaust system is a telltale sign of head gasket problems. Smoke tends to be white if coolant is entering the combustion chamber and blue if it’s oil. Discolored oil is another indicator you may have head gasket problems when coolant and oil start mixing.

Head gaskets for agricultural applications
Head gaskets installed in agricultural machinery face their own unique challenges. Ag machinery like tractors work in extreme environments with extreme hot and cold temperature swings. Complete Tractor offers head gaskets that are made to meet the demands of use in agricultural machinery.

The Complete Tractor Advantage – 1-Year Warranty
We stand behind every product with our total-confidence 1-year warranty. Yes, you have a full year to make sure everything meets your expectations.

Part Number: C1209-1302T

MPN: 1209-1302

Part Notes

Note : Head gasket set for diesel applications. Fiber head gasket material.

Part Fitment

Select Make & Type
MakeVehicle TypeModel
Massey FergusonCrawler200B Crawler
Massey FergusonCrawler2244 Crawler
Massey FergusonTractor133
Massey FergusonTractor135
Massey FergusonTractor148
Massey FergusonTractor150
Massey FergusonTractor152
Massey FergusonTractor154
Massey FergusonTractor1544
Massey FergusonTractor160
Massey FergusonTractor20 Indust/Const
Massey FergusonTractor200 Combine
Massey FergusonTractor203 Indust/Const
Massey FergusonTractor205
Massey FergusonTractor20C Indust/Const
Massey FergusonTractor20D Indust/Const
Massey FergusonTractor20E Indust/Const
Massey FergusonTractor20F Indust/Const
Massey FergusonTractor2135 Indust/Const
Massey FergusonTractor2200 Forklift
Massey FergusonTractor230
Massey FergusonTractor235 Indust/Const
Massey FergusonTractor240
Massey FergusonTractor245
Massey FergusonTractor250
Massey FergusonTractor2500 Forklift
Massey FergusonTractor253
Massey FergusonTractor253 UK
Massey FergusonTractor254
Massey FergusonTractor255
Massey FergusonTractor30B Indust/Const
Massey FergusonTractor30E Indust/Const
Massey FergusonTractor30H Indust/Const
Massey FergusonTractor333
Massey FergusonTractor340
Massey FergusonTractor342
Massey FergusonTractor350 Indust/Const
Massey FergusonTractor352
Massey FergusonTractor355
Massey FergusonTractor360
Massey FergusonTractor363
Massey FergusonTractor364F
Massey FergusonTractor364S
Massey FergusonTractor364V
Massey FergusonTractor40
Massey FergusonTractor40E Indust/Const
Massey FergusonTractor4500 Forklift
Massey FergusonTractor6040
Massey FergusonTractorAD3.152 (4 Ring Piston)
Massey FergusonTractorAD3.152 (5 Ring Piston)

Replaces These Part Numbers

Massey Ferguson3637599M91, 3638545M91, 3639449M1, 3640583M91, 4008, 4222470M91, 4222480M91, 4223500M91, 4223921M91, 4223922M91, 4223923M91, 68266, 748008M91, 82886, 92424, 960548, U5LT0013, U5LT0038, U5LT0040, U5LT0044, U5LT0073, U5LT0080, U5LT0138, U5LT0144

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