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Receiver Drier for Case International Tractor - 143469C2 1990758C2

Receiver Drier for Case International Tractor - 143469C2 1990758C2

Item #: 1706-7008
Complete Tractor receiver driers keep air conditioners working efficiently.
  • An essential component to keep cool air flowing
  • Receiver driers filter out contaminants circulating in the system
  • Performs well under high pressure environments
  • Long service life offers value and reliable performance
  • Factory direct, money-saving pricing keeps more money in your pocket
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Tractor Air Conditioning Receiver Drier
If your tractor air conditioning isn’t cooling as well as it should, a small part known as the receiver drier could be the culprit. Air conditioning receiver driers work under high pressure and need periodic replacement.

Function of the Air Conditioning Receiver Drier
As refrigerant passes through the air conditioning system, it often picks up moisture and particles. The receiver drier filters out these unwanted contaminants to the system. The receiver drier you purchase will fit and perform just like the original that came in your tractor.

3 Signs that an Air Conditioning Receiver Drier is Failing
If you experience any of these conditions, you may need to check out the condition of your receiver drier in your tractor air conditioner.

  • Unusual sounds – Internal parts can loosen or deteriorate over time.
  • Spotting on the ground – Normal wear and tear can cause leaks to develop.
  • Diminished cooling – A buildup of contaminants can clog the receiver drier.

The Complete Tractor Advantage – 1-Year Warranty
We stand behind every product with our total-confidence 1-year warranty. Yes, you have a full year to make sure your order meets your expectations.

Part Number: C1706-7008T

MPN: 1706-7008

Part Notes

Receiver Drier
Diameter : 4"
Length : 7 3/4"
Inlet : 3/8" MIO
Outlet : 3/8" FO

Part Fitment

Select Make & Type
MakeVehicle TypeModel
Case/International HarvesterTractor1086
Case/International HarvesterTractor1486
Case/International HarvesterTractor1586
Case/International HarvesterTractor1680 Combine
Case/International HarvesterTractor3088
Case/International HarvesterTractor3220
Case/International HarvesterTractor3230
Case/International HarvesterTractor3288
Case/International HarvesterTractor3388
Case/International HarvesterTractor3588
Case/International HarvesterTractor3688
Case/International HarvesterTractor3788
Case/International HarvesterTractor4210
Case/International HarvesterTractor4230
Case/International HarvesterTractor4240
Case/International HarvesterTractor5088 Combine
Case/International HarvesterTractor5120
Case/International HarvesterTractor5130
Case/International HarvesterTractor5140
Case/International HarvesterTractor5220
Case/International HarvesterTractor5230
Case/International HarvesterTractor5240
Case/International HarvesterTractor5250
Case/International HarvesterTractor5288
Case/International HarvesterTractor5488
Case/International HarvesterTractor6388
Case/International HarvesterTractor6588
Case/International HarvesterTractor6788
Case/International HarvesterTractor7110
Case/International HarvesterTractor7120
Case/International HarvesterTractor7130
Case/International HarvesterTractor7140
Case/International HarvesterTractor7150
Case/International HarvesterTractor7210
Case/International HarvesterTractor7220
Case/International HarvesterTractor7230
Case/International HarvesterTractor7240
Case/International HarvesterTractor7250
Case/International HarvesterTractor7288
Case/International HarvesterTractor7488
Case/International HarvesterTractor786
Case/International HarvesterTractor886
Case/International HarvesterTractor8910
Case/International HarvesterTractor8920
Case/International HarvesterTractor8930
Case/International HarvesterTractor8940
Case/International HarvesterTractor8950
Case/International HarvesterTractor9210
Case/International HarvesterTractor9230
Case/International HarvesterTractor9240
Case/International HarvesterTractor9250
Case/International HarvesterTractor9260
Case/International HarvesterTractor9270
Case/International HarvesterTractor9280
Case/International HarvesterTractor9310
Case/International HarvesterTractor9330
Case/International HarvesterTractor9350
Case/International HarvesterTractor9370
Case/International HarvesterTractor9380
Case/International HarvesterTractor9390
Case/International HarvesterTractor986
Case/International HarvesterTractorC100
Case/International HarvesterTractorC70
Case/International HarvesterTractorC80
Case/International HarvesterTractorC90
Case/International HarvesterTractorCX100
Case/International HarvesterTractorCX50
Case/International HarvesterTractorCX60
Case/International HarvesterTractorCX70
Case/International HarvesterTractorCX80
Case/International HarvesterTractorCX90
Case/International HarvesterTractorMX100
Case/International HarvesterTractorMX100C
Case/International HarvesterTractorMX110
Case/International HarvesterTractorMX120
Case/International HarvesterTractorMX135
Case/International HarvesterTractorMX150
Case/International HarvesterTractorMX170
Case/International HarvesterTractorMX180
Case/International HarvesterTractorMX200
Case/International HarvesterTractorMX210
Case/International HarvesterTractorMX220
Case/International HarvesterTractorMX230
Case/International HarvesterTractorMX240
Case/International HarvesterTractorMX255
Case/International HarvesterTractorMX270
Case/International HarvesterTractorMX285
Case/International HarvesterTractorMX80C
Case/International HarvesterTractorMX90C

Replaces These Part Numbers

Atlantic (Prior)5406-7001
Case/International Harvester143469C2, 1990758C2

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