Recognizing the Great Tractor Legends

What Makes a Tractor a Classic?

Go to a hometown parade or summertime festival and you'll quickly see which tractors are the standouts. They are the ones that draw crowds of onlookers and admirimng glances. In most cases, the tractors that reach legacy status are ones that were highly popular in their day. Many people have fond memories of these tractors as the ones they recall from the family farm. They may have ridden on these tractors alongside grandparents, parents or siblings. Good memories are deep rooted in these tractors of yesteryear.

Keeping Classic Tractors Working Like New

The mission of Complete Tractor is to supply the essential parts to keep these tractors fully operational. The great tractors that have tilled, plowed and harvested the fields of this country should never be sidelined due to parts that wear out. Complete Tractor sells parts that fit and perform just like the originals. With our parts in place, legendary tractors will be going strong for many years to come.