Covid-19 Update
Our approach to COVID-19

What we’re doing

Complete Tractor has adapted to the current COVID-19 outbreak to keep our community, customers and employees safe. These measures have allowed us to continue serving our customers with little impact to order delivery.

Here are the actions we’ve taken:

  • Any employee who can work from home is now doing so. Working from home has allowed us to dramatically reduce the number of people who are present in our offices and warehouse facilities.

  • We’ve redesigned our workstations in our shipping and distribution centers, adding space between packing areas, implementing additional social distancing guidelines and reducing the amount of contact with packages and merchandise.

  • Package handlers have been issued protective gear such as gloves and masks when processing orders. We’ve also provided hand sanitizers for use by employees.

  • Temperatures are checked for all employees entering our offices and warehouses. Persons exhibiting a temperature outside of a normal range are not admitted to our facilities. We’re following CDC guidelines for delaying a return to work when someone exhibits signs of illness.

  • We’ve restricted outside visitors from entering our offices and facilities. At this time, no outside guests are allowed to enter our buildings.

  • We encourage our employees to take care of themselves and their families during this outbreak. Our health-first approach to employee relations strengthens our sense of teamwork.

The good news is that we’re operating at nearly 100% capacity in shipping orders. You can continue to rely on us for the aftermarket parts you need. We are aware that the COVID-19 outbreak has impacted some of the delivery services we use, so there are occasional delays for that reason. At this time, the impact of these delays appears minimal.

We’re working hard to provide you with the replacement parts you need to keep tractors and farm equipment fully operational. We’ll get through this time together and look forward to promising times ahead.

Take care,
The Complete Tractor team

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