Tiger Lights

Tiger Lights cast super-bright LED light

See farther and wider with lights that illuminate more area than incandescent or halogen bulbs.

Tiger Lights cast so much light that you may feel you're turning night into day. That's a big advantage when you're working the fields after the sun goes down. You never have to shorten the workday or compromise on what you can see at night with Tiger Lights, The secret behind Tiger Lights is its high tech LED lighting design. LED lights simply cast more light than older technologies. 

With Tiger Lights, you'll work with better productivity and safety. Tiger Lights allow you to see what's up ahead and off to the sides with improved clarity, enabling you to work the fields at night with greater confidence. But that's not all. Tiger Lights last a lot longer than incandescent and halogen lights. Once you upgrade to Tiger Lights LED technology, you'll find yourself replacing bulbs a lot less often. Just that alone is a big advantage. 

LED tractor lights practically turn night into day

Extending the farm workday with LED lights

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