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  • Farmer working on tractor
    5 essential functions of engine oil

    The engine oil in your tractor is doing a lot of good, but its ability to do its job declines over time. That's why regular oil changes are essential for the health of your tractor engine. Find out why regular oil changes are important for your tractor.

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  • Tractor in summer
    Don't let summer heat beat your tractor

    Summer is the busy season for tractors. It's also one of the hardest times on the mechanics of a tractor. Summer heat is grueling on the cooling and electrical systems. Keep your tractor up and running through the heat of summer.

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  • Classic red tractor
    7 reasons today's farmers buy older tractors

    Today's modern tractors come with impressive technology features, but many farmers are opting for decades old tractors instead. The classic tractors of yesteryear offer some real benefits as working tractors on today's farms.

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  • Corn field at sunset
    3 ways air conditioners lose their cool

    If your tractor air conditioner isn't cooling like it once did, you should inspect it now before it fails altogether. You could save yourself from wilting under a hot summer sun in the future. Find out what to check.

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  • Trimmer line
    The bottom line on trimmer line

    Spending a few minutes trimming tall grass and weeds is a sure way to boost the appearance of your home or farm. But are you aware of the many choices when it comes to trimmer line? The line you choose makes a real difference.

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  • Tractor Steering
    Keep tractors steering in the right direction

    Steering problems just kind of sneak up on you. There's that day something seems a little off. Then the problem continues to grow until you can't ignore it any longer. Here are 7 warning signs that reveal steering problems.

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  • Man riding lawn tractor
    A cut above: 6 styles of lawn mower blades

    To the untrained eye, a lawn mower blade is a lawn mower blade, but there are really many options when replacing a blade. The specific blade you choose should depend on the condition of your lawn.

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  • 12 tips for buying a used tractor

    Before you exchange any money, inspect the tractor you're considering buying. A thorough inspection will reduce surprises about necessary restoration work. Here are 12 things to check.

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  • 7 places you can find a tractor to restore

    If you've been bitten by the bug to restore a tractor, it's time to start your search for one. Here are a few places you can start searching to find an old tractor for a restoration project.

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  • 10 point checklist for a spring tractor checkup

    Spring is when everything starts anew. That makes it the perfect time to go through a checklist of common maintenance needs to make sure your tractor is ready for the new season.

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  • 5 tips to get your tractor ready for winter

    Before you put your tractor in storage for the winter, you should do 5 important tasks to keep it in prime condition. Doing these simple things now will pay off in better performance next spring.

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  • Tractor Sunset
    The Factory Direct Advantage

    Complete Tractor sells its products on a factory-direct basis. What does that mean, and what are the advantages to you as a cnsumer? Find out why it's the smart choice for you as a buyer.

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  • Row of Tractors
    5 signs that your starter could soon quit starting

    A dead starter means your tractor sits idle, and it could happen in during planting and harvesting seasons. Before your starter lets you down, pay attention to these signs of a starter going bad.

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  • Close Up of Engine
    5 warning signs that your alternator could fail

    Many times there are indicators that an alternator is in the twilight of its service life. Learn the signs that indicate your alternator may soon fail. It's best to replace an alternator before total failure.

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