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The Great Debate:
OEM vs Aftermarket Parts

Learn The Difference Between OEM and Aftermarket Parts

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  • Old red tractor
    7 signs tractor clutches are starting to fail

    Clutches are essential to keep your tractor rolling smoothly across farm fields. It's important to be aware of the warning signs that tractor clutches are starting to fail. It's best to correct any problems with clutches sooner rather than later.

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  • John Deere agricultural machinery
    7 money-saving tips for fixing John Deere tractors

    You can save money when fixing John Deere agricultural machinery by choosing aftermarket patts. The fitment specifications will match the orignal parts, but the price is usually a lot less. Find out which parts offer eye-opening savings.

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  • Old tractor in field
    5 tips to make sure your tractor keeps its cool

    Few things are more frustrating than being out in the field and having your tractor's cooling system give out. An overheated engine is enough to get you hot under the collar. With cooling system maintenance, you can avoid unpleasant surprises.

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  • Animals at night
    Extending the farm workday with LED lights

    Just because the sun went down doesn't mean the workday is done. It just doesn't work that way on a farm, especially during planting and harvesting seasons. Discover how the brightness of LED lights can help you on the farm.

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  • Green tractor
    Functions of mufflers beyond noise suppression

    Everyone knows that mufflers help quiet the noisy operation of engines. But did you know they also play a vital role in the overall performance of your tractor? Find out what mufflers do beyond lowering the noise volume.

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  • Riding mower
    What you need to know when choosing OPE belts

    When replacing the belts in your riding mower or lawn tractor, you may encounter a nunber of terms that describe deck and powertrain belts. Check out why different types of belts work better for various applications.

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  • Lawn tractor
    7 tips for maintaining a lawn tractor

    Your lawn tractor will perform more relaibly and last longer if you keep up a regular maintenance schedule. It's a simple thing to do to ensure better performance over the long run. Here are 7 important items to check on a lawn tractor.

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  • Green tractor
    Fixing up a fuel system restores performance

    Keep your fuel system running like new with an inspection. The components in the system are highly interdependent to deliver fuel to the engine. Here's what you need to do to keep your fuel system running smoothly.

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  • Tractor plow
    6 parts to keep tractor hydraulics working

    The hydraulics system in a tractor is vital for a range of functions from steering and braking to controlling implemenets. Stay on top of mydraulics maintenance by inspecting your system and replacing worn parts.

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  • John Deere tractor
    Right to repair one's own tractor moves forward

    Big agricultural equipment manufacturers have made it difficult for farmers to repair modern machinery. A recent agreement has made it easier for farmers to do repairs themselves or take equipment to an independent repair shop.

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  • Ford 8N tractor
    History of the Ford 9N, 2N, and 8N tractor series

    Henry Ford's N-Series tractor series is one of the most beloved of all times. The Ford 9N, 2N and 8N tractors hold a special place in the hearts and memories of tractor enthusiasts everywhere. It's truly a legendary tractor.

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  • Diesel engine tractors
    Why diesel engines are harder to start in winter

    When temperatures drop in winter, starting and operating a diesel-powered tractor becomes more difficult. It doesn't have to be so hard. Discover the tried and true techniques to get better cold weather performance from your diesel engine.

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  • Harvesting at night
    Prep your tractor for harvest season

    Harvest season is one of the most important times for farmers,and the window of opportunity to gather the crop is short. Make sure your tractor is ready for the job when harvest season is in prime time. Inspect, maintain and repair your tractor now.

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  • Father and son fixing tractor
    7 tips for passing on the love of tractors to kids

    How can you pass on the love of tractors to the next generation? There are some simple steps you can take to encourage the tradition for the kids in your family. Here are some ideas to try for every age from small children to teens.

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  • Old tractor
    9 easy fixes to boost a tractor's selling price

    If you're selling a tractor, there are a few easy fixes you can do to increase its value and get more cash from the buyer. Many buyers focus on key areas when shopping and doing simple enhancements can boost your tractor's selling price.

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  • Tractor at night
    LED tractor lights nearly turn night into day

    LED tractor lights make a big difference in illuminating the fields when working at night compared to halogen and HID lights. They cast light farther for better night vision. Find out why many farmers are switching to LED lights.

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  • Snow oovered tractor by a fred barn
    7 tips when starting an idle tractor in winter

    You might have thought your tractor was done for the year, but what if you need to start it over winter? Even if your tractor doesn't want to start, there are way to get it going during the coldest days of winter.

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  • Farmer buying a used tractor
    9 tips to get a good price on a used tractor

    When you shop for a used tractor, you could walk away with less or more money in your pocket depending on how you approach the deal. Check out these helpful tips to get you in the right mindset when buying a tractor.

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  • Farmer working on tractor
    5 essential functions of engine oil

    The engine oil in your tractor is doing a lot of good, but its ability to do its job declines over time. That's why regular oil changes are essential for the health of your tractor engine. Find out why regular oil changes are important for your tractor.

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  • Tractor in summer
    Don't let summer heat beat your tractor

    Summer is the busy season for tractors. It's also one of the hardest times on the mechanics of a tractor. Summer heat is grueling on the cooling and electrical systems. Keep your tractor up and running through the heat of summer.

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  • Classic red tractor
    7 reasons today's farmers buy older tractors

    Today's modern tractors come with impressive technology features, but many farmers are opting for decades old tractors instead. The classic tractors of yesteryear offer some real benefits as working tractors on today's farms.

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  • Corn field at sunset
    3 ways air conditioners lose their cool

    If your tractor air conditioner isn't cooling like it once did, you should inspect it now before it fails altogether. You could save yourself from wilting under a hot summer sun in the future. Find out what to check.

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  • Trimmer line
    The bottom line on trimmer line

    Spending a few minutes trimming tall grass and weeds is a sure way to boost the appearance of your home or farm. But are you aware of the many choices when it comes to trimmer line? The line you choose makes a real difference.

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  • Tractor Steering
    Keep tractors steering in the right direction

    Steering problems just kind of sneak up on you. There's that day something seems a little off. Then the problem continues to grow until you can't ignore it any longer. Here are 7 warning signs that reveal steering problems.

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  • Man riding lawn tractor
    A cut above: 6 styles of lawn mower blades

    To the untrained eye, a lawn mower blade is a lawn mower blade, but there are really many options when replacing a blade. The specific blade you choose should depend on the condition of your lawn.

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  • 12 tips for buying a used tractor

    Before you exchange any money, inspect the tractor you're considering buying. A thorough inspection will reduce surprises about necessary restoration work. Here are 12 things to check.

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  • 7 places you can find a tractor to restore

    If you've been bitten by the bug to restore a tractor, it's time to start your search for one. Here are a few places you can start searching to find an old tractor for a restoration project.

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  • 10 point checklist for a spring tractor checkup

    Spring is when everything starts anew. That makes it the perfect time to go through a checklist of common maintenance needs to make sure your tractor is ready for the new season.

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  • 5 tips to get your tractor ready for winter

    Before you put your tractor in storage for the winter, you should do 5 important tasks to keep it in prime condition. Doing these simple things now will pay off in better performance next spring.

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  • Tractor Sunset
    The Factory Direct Advantage

    Complete Tractor sells its products on a factory-direct basis. What does that mean, and what are the advantages to you as a cnsumer? Find out why it's the smart choice for you as a buyer.

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  • Row of Tractors
    5 signs that your starter could soon quit starting

    A dead starter means your tractor sits idle, and it could happen in during planting and harvesting seasons. Before your starter lets you down, pay attention to these signs of a starter going bad.

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  • Close Up of Engine
    5 warning signs that your alternator could fail

    Many times there are indicators that an alternator is in the twilight of its service life. Learn the signs that indicate your alternator may soon fail. It's best to replace an alternator before total failure.

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