Oil & Lubrication

Quality oil, lubricant and fluid products for your equipment

Premium-grade oils, lubricants and fluids ensure optimal performance and extend longevity of machinery.

When it comes to protecting your vehicles and equipment, you never want to compromise on the quality of oils, lubricants or fluids. Doing so may save you pennies and cost you big money. The purpose of these products is to reduce friction to protect your equipment while in operation. That's why Complete Tractor only carries premium-grade products for these applications. 

Complete Tractor offers a wide selection of oils, including high-performance 2-cycle and 4-cycle engine oils. Our 2-cycle engine oil enhances easier starting and extends fuel life with an antioxidant fuel stabilizer. Our 4-cycle engine oil reduces engine wear with zinc boosters and keeps engines clean with a unique low-deposit formula. You'll also find a variety of products like bar and chain oil, differential fluid, gear oil and more.

5 Essential Functions of Engine Oil

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