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Quality PTO clutches for your lawn mower or tractor

Replacement PTO clutches to restore full functionality to your mower.

The PTO clutch in a lawn tractor or mower is an essential component. It's the PTO clutch that supplies the power to spin the blade on a mower. If your clutch is slipping or sluggish, you're not getting a fast and efficient blade spin for mowing your lawn, which can produce a choppy and uneven appearance on your turfgrass. Mowers and lawn tractors typically need replacement PTO clutches after a number of lawncare seasons.

Great replacements for OEM PTO clutches
In many mower and tractor brands, the original PTO clutch is probably made by either Warner or Ogura, which are the two major original equipment PTO clutch manufacturers. Complete Tractor stocks quality aftermarket PTO clutches that match the original clutches that came with your mower or tractor. To find the PTO clutch you need for your equipment, your best option is to find an OEM model number in an owner's manual. If you no longer have the owner's manual, check the old PTO clutch installed in your equipment to see if you can find a model number either stamped in or labeled on the unit. If neither of these options are available, search for a PTO clutch by the make and model of your mower or lawn tractor. 


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