A Family's Story Told Through a Trio of Tractors

If anyone tells you that tractors are just machines, it proves they don’t know much about tractors. Case in point, Scotty Satterwhite’s three tractors each reveal a story about the history of his family. To Scotty, these tractors are links to people and memories that have shaped his life.

The tractor in the forefront is a 1948 Gibson SD. The Gibson Manufacturing Company, once based in Longmont, Colorado, capitalized on the expanding economy after World War II. Scotty was given this tractor as a kid from his grandpa and dad to keep him off everyone else’s tractor and busy at shows. He kept this tractor into young adulthood, and he restored it 9 years ago to its current glory.

The tractor in the middle is a 1948 Farmall Super A, originally belonging to the great grandfather of Scotty’s wife. Over its history, 107,636 Farmall Super A tractors were manufactured, making it one of the most popular models of its era. Scotty’s wife was given this particular tractor by her great grandmother to keep it in the family. He painted the tractor pink to celebrate the great grandmother’s triumph as a breast cancer survivor.

The red tractor in the background is a 1948 Farmall Super A. This tractor is an example of how family bonds can be built through the tradition of tractors. Scotty and his dad bought this tractor and restored it last spring. The chance to work together and feel a sense of accomplishment through a restoration project was a rewarding experience for father and son.

Whenever you see a classic tractor, chances are there is a story behind it. Take time to chat with the owner to find out the history that makes that tractor special in the lives of the people who keep its legacy alive.


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