Introducing Tractor Traditions

Tractors: More Than a Machine

When farmers first started using tractors, they may have just been utilitarian machines to get jobs done. But it wasn’t long before they became much more than just machines. A farmer spends countless hours with his tractor, often from sunrise to sundown. Tractors are constant companions during the hot and humid days of summer while tending the fields to the crisp evenings of autumn as the harvest comes in. Farm families bond in the presence of tractors across this land. It’s no wonder that people have developed a special relationship with the tractors in their lives.

Tractor Traditions

Tractor Traditions gives people an opportunity to share photos and stories about tractors that have played an important role in their lives. In this feature, you’ll see photos of historic tractors and stunning tractor restorations. You’ll also discover stories from people who own a treasured tractor. These real-life stories reveal how tractors changed lives, tied family generations together and created cherished memories.

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