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Kubota shut off Fuel solenoid 16851-60014 B7410D BX1500D BX1800D BX1830D BX2230D
Kubota shut off Fuel solenoid 16851-60014 B7410D BX1500D BX1800D BX1830D BX2230D
Kubota shut off Fuel solenoid 16851-60014 B7410D BX1500D BX1800D BX1830D BX2230D

Kubota shut off Fuel solenoid 16851-60014 B7410D BX1500D BX1800D BX1830D BX2230D

Item #: 1903-3007
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DB Electrical Solenoids
Our aftermarket solenoids are manufactured to exacting OEM specifications for perfect fit and superior performance. We work directly with factories to make sure only premium materials and uncompromising craftsmanship go into every electrical unit. A new DB Electrical solenoid will restore precise, quick starts in a vehicle when it’s time to replace an older one.

How Solenoids Work
Solenoids play an important role in starting vehicles. Solenoids have wire coils that wrap around a mobile core. As electricity travels through the coil, the core becomes magnetized, which creates force to push the mobile core outward to engage gears on the starter.

Factory-Direct Pricing
Because we work directly with the factories, we can save you money by offering these electronic components at value prices.

35 Years of Satisfied Customers
We’ve been in the business of supplying quality electrical components for over 35 years. Our long history has taught us that you only keep customers satisfied by supplying quality products and outstanding service.

The DB Electrical Advantage – 1-Year Warranty
DB Electrical proudly stands behind the quality of our products with our total-confidence 1-year warranty. Yes, you have a full year to make sure your solenoid relay meets your expectations.

Part Number: C1903-3007T
MPN: 1903-3007
Part Notes

Fuel Solenoid
  • MakeVehicle TypeModel
  • KubotaExcavator K008 Excavator
  • Kubota Excavator K008-3 Excavator
  • Kubota Mower G1700 Mower
  • Kubota Mower G1800 Mower
  • Kubota Mower G1800S Mower
  • Kubota Mower G1900 Mower
  • Kubota Mower G1900S Mower
  • Kubota Mower G2160 Mower
  • Kubota Mower GF1800 Mower
  • Kubota Mower GF1800E Mower
  • Kubota Mower GR2100 Mower
  • Kubota Mower GR2120 Mower
  • Kubota Mower GR2120B Mower
  • Kubota Mower T1600H Mower
  • Kubota Mower T1600HG Mower
  • Kubota Mower TG1860 Mower
  • Kubota Mower ZD18 Mower
  • Kubota Mower ZD18F Mower
  • Kubota Mower ZD21 Mower
  • Kubota Mower ZD21F Mower
  • Kubota Mower ZD221 Mower
  • Kubota Mower ZD321 Mower
  • Kubota Mower ZD321N Mower
  • Kubota Mower ZD323 Mower
  • Kubota Tractor B7410D
  • Kubota Tractor BX1500D
  • Kubota Tractor BX1800D
  • Kubota Tractor BX1830D
  • Kubota Tractor BX1850D
  • Kubota Tractor BX1860
  • Kubota Tractor BX2230D
  • Kubota Tractor BX2350D
  • Kubota Tractor BX2360
  • Kubota Tractor BX24D
  • Kubota Tractor BX25
  • Kubota Tractor RTV900G
  • Kubota Tractor RTV900G6
  • Kubota Tractor RTV900G9
  • Kubota Tractor RTV900R6
  • Kubota Tractor RTV900R9
  • Kubota Tractor RTV900RSD
  • Kubota Tractor RTV900RSDL
  • Kubota Tractor RTV900T
  • Kubota Tractor RTV900T2
  • Kubota Tractor RTV900T5H
  • Kubota Tractor RTV900T6
  • Kubota Tractor RTV900T9
  • Kubota Tractor RTV900W
  • Kubota Tractor RTV900W6
  • Kubota Tractor RTV900W6SE
  • Kubota Tractor RTV900W8SE
  • Kubota Tractor RTV900W9
  • Kubota Tractor RTV900W9SE
  • Kubota Tractor RTV900XTG
  • Kubota Tractor RTV900XTR
  • Kubota Tractor RTV900XTS
  • Kubota Tractor RTV900XTT
  • Kubota Tractor RTV900XTW

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