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Fuel Injector for John Deere Tractor 1166, 1174 Combine AR90023; 1403-3703

Fuel Injector for John Deere Tractor 1166, 1174 Combine AR90023; 1403-3703

Item #: 1403-3703
Complete Tractor fuel injectors deliver smooth engine performance and high fuel efficiency
  • Made to fit and perform just like the original fuel injector that came with the tractor
  • Ready to install with seals for leak-free performance
  • 100% quality pressure checked before shipment
  • You never pay a core charge with Complete Tractor
  • Money-saving, factory direct fuel injector typically priced less than OEM counterparts
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Complete Tractor Fuel Injectors
Complete Tractor keeps you working in the field with engineer-tested fuel system components for tractors. We work directly with factories to ensure each component is manufactured to our exacting quality control standards that meet genuine OEM specifications. But because there is no middleman, we can offer these exceptional-quality fuel-system components at low factory direct prices.

With Complete Tractor fuel system products, you’ll get …

  • OEM Quality Every Time – Our aftermarket fuel system components deliver performance that’s equivalent to the ones made by OEM suppliers.
  • Direct-Fit OEM Replacement Parts – Complete Tractor aftermarket fuel system components are designed for perfect fitment to replace the ones that originally came in your tractor.
  • Engineer-Tested Excellence – Our fuel system components go through a rigorous testing program to ensure optimal performance.

Fuel Injectors offer precision and efficiency
Designed to meet strict OEM level standards, our fuel injectors deliver smooth engine operation and high fuel efficiency.

Reasons to choose Complete Tractor for your next fuel injector:

  • Ready to install with seals for leak-free performance
  • 100% quality pressure checked before shipment
  • Brand new fuel injector – not a secondhand refurbished one
  • Absolutely never pay a core charge with your purchase

The Complete Tractor Advantage – 1-Year Warranty
Complete Tractor delivers exceptional value for products that we stand behind with our total-confidence 1-year warranty. Yes, you have a full year to make sure your fuel system components meet your expectations.

Part Number: C1403-3703T

MPN: 1403-3703

Part Notes

Diesel Injector
Product Notes : Pencil type
for 300 series motors. Stamped Id # 27336.

Part Fitment

Select Make & Type
MakeVehicle TypeModel
John DeereCrawler450E Crawler
John DeereCrawler455E Crawler
John DeereCrawler550 Crawler
John DeereCrawler550A Crawler
John DeereCrawler550B Crawler
John DeereCrawler555 Crawler
John DeereCrawler555A Crawler
John DeereCrawler555B Crawler
John DeereCrawler655 Crawler
John DeereCrawler655B Crawler
John DeereCrawler750 Crawler
John DeereCrawler750B Crawler
John DeereCrawler755 Crawler
John DeereCrawler755A Crawler
John DeereCrawler755B Crawler
John DeereExcavator490 Excavator
John DeereExcavator490D Excavator
John DeereExcavator495D Excavator
John DeereExcavator590D Excavator
John DeereExcavator595 Excavator
John DeereExcavator595D Excavator
John DeereExcavator690D Excavator
John DeereHarvester5420 Forage Harvester
John DeereHarvester5440 Forage Harvester
John DeereLoader340D Skidder
John DeereLoader440C Skidder
John DeereLoader440D Skidder
John DeereLoader448D Skidder
John DeereLoader540B Skidder
John DeereLoader540D Skidder
John DeereLoader548D Skidder
John DeereLoader640 Skidder
John DeereLoader640D Skidder
John DeereLoader648D Skidder
John DeereTractor1032 Combine
John DeereTractor1042 Combine
John DeereTractor1052 Combine
John DeereTractor1065 Combine
John DeereTractor1068H Combine
John DeereTractor1072 Combine
John DeereTractor1075 Combine
John DeereTractor1075HY4 Combine
John DeereTractor1085 Combine
John DeereTractor1085HY4 Combine
John DeereTractor1155 Combine
John DeereTractor1157 Combine
John DeereTractor1158 Combine
John DeereTractor1166 Combine
John DeereTractor1166HY4 Combine
John DeereTractor1169 Combine
John DeereTractor1169HY4 Combine
John DeereTractor1174 Combine
John DeereTractor1174HY4 Combine
John DeereTractor1177 Combine
John DeereTractor1177HY4 Combine
John DeereTractor1850
John DeereTractor1950
John DeereTractor1950N
John DeereTractor2040S
John DeereTractor2140
John DeereTractor2155
John DeereTractor2250
John DeereTractor2355
John DeereTractor2355N
John DeereTractor2450
John DeereTractor2555
John DeereTractor2555TSS
John DeereTractor2630
John DeereTractor2640
John DeereTractor2650
John DeereTractor2650N
John DeereTractor2750
John DeereTractor2755
John DeereTractor2850
John DeereTractor2855N
John DeereTractor3055
John DeereTractor310C Indust/Const
John DeereTractor3140
John DeereTractor3150
John DeereTractor3255
John DeereTractor3350
John DeereTractor344E Indust/Const
John DeereTractor3640S
John DeereTractor3650
John DeereTractor4040
John DeereTractor4040S
John DeereTractor4050
John DeereTractor410C Indust/Const
John DeereTractor415B Indust/Const
John DeereTractor4230
John DeereTractor4240
John DeereTractor4240S
John DeereTractor4250
John DeereTractor4435 Combine
John DeereTractor4440
John DeereTractor444D Indust/Const
John DeereTractor444E Indust/Const
John DeereTractor4450
John DeereTractor493D Feller Buncher
John DeereTractor510B Indust/Const
John DeereTractor510C Indust/Const
John DeereTractor515B Indust/Const
John DeereTractor544B Indust/Const
John DeereTractor544C Indust/Const
John DeereTractor544D Indust/Const
John DeereTractor544E Indust/Const
John DeereTractor570B Grader
John DeereTractor610C Indust/Const
John DeereTractor624E Indust/Const
John DeereTractor643 Feller Buncher
John DeereTractor670 Grader
John DeereTractor670A Grader
John DeereTractor670B Grader
John DeereTractor672A Grader
John DeereTractor672B Grader
John DeereTractor693D Feller Buncher
John DeereTractor710B Indust/Const
John DeereTractor710C Indust/Const
John DeereTractor7445 Cotton Picker
John DeereTractor925 Combine
John DeereTractor935 Combine
John DeereTractor9400 Combine
John DeereTractor945 Combine
John DeereTractor952 Combine
John DeereTractor965 Combine
John DeereTractor965H Combine
John DeereTractor968H Combine
John DeereTractor975 Combine
John DeereTractor975HY/4 Combine
John DeereTractor985 Combine
John DeereTractor985HY/4 Combine
John DeereTractor9920 Cotton Picker
John DeereTractor9930 Cotton Picker
John DeereWindrower3430 Windrower
John DeereWindrower3830 Windrower

Replaces These Part Numbers

John DeereAR90023, AR90024, RE31757, RE37503, SE500824

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