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Ignition Switch for Massey Ferguson Tractor 1874120T94
Ignition Switch for Massey Ferguson Tractor 1874120T94
Ignition Switch for Massey Ferguson Tractor 1874120T94
Ignition Switch for Massey Ferguson Tractor 1874120T94

Ignition Switch for Massey Ferguson Tractor 1874120T94

Item #: 1200-0907
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Ignition Switch
You can use this ignition switch if you’re replacing one in a Massey Ferguson tractor with an OEM part number of 1874120M94 or 1874120T94. Complete Tractor ignition switches provide quick and efficient start-ups of your tractor’s electrical system as well as accessories such as lights. Our ignition switches are manufactured to industrial grade standards for tractors and agricultural machinery.

Signs that an Ignition Switch is Going Bad
The ignition switch transfers power from the battery to the tractor’s electrical system. When the ignition switch malfunctions, that transfer of voltage is interrupted, affecting the performance of the electronics.

Here are some signs that an ignition switch may need to be replaced.

  • Engine Hard to Start. If an engine exhibits difficulty in starting, it may mean the ignition switch is not delivering power to the ignition system and starter motor.
  • Engine Stalls. Worn switch contacts may cause intermittent losses of power to engine components.
  • Lights and Accessories that Go Out. These symptoms can also be caused by things such as dying batteries or alternators, but the ignition switch should at least be on the suspect list.
  • Engine Keep Running. This problem is the opposite of the engine not starting, but it happens. If the engine keeps running when you remove the key, it’s time to suspect the ignition switch.

3 Reasons to Buy Your Ignition Switch from Complete Tractor

  • OEM Quality Every Time – Our aftermarket ignition switches deliver performance that’s equivalent to the ones made by OEM suppliers.
  • Direct-Fit OEM Replacement Parts – Installation is easy because the new ignition switch is designed to fit just like the original.
  • Engineer-Tested Excellence – Our ignition switches are tested to deliver high performance standards.

The Complete Tractor Advantage – 1-Year Warranty
We stand behind every product with our total-confidence 1-year warranty. Yes, you have a full year to make sure everything meets your expectations.

Part Number: C1200-0907T

MPN: 1200-0907

Part Notes

Voltage : 12V
Notes : six male spade connectors.

Part Fitment

Select Make & Type
MakeVehicle TypeModel
Massey FergusonLoader50H Loader
Massey FergusonLoader50HX Loader
Massey FergusonLoader575 Skid Steer Loader
Massey FergusonLoader60H Loader
Massey FergusonTractor133
Massey FergusonTractor135
Massey FergusonTractor148
Massey FergusonTractor152
Massey FergusonTractor158 Indust/Const
Massey FergusonTractor165
Massey FergusonTractor168
Massey FergusonTractor175
Massey FergusonTractor178
Massey FergusonTractor185
Massey FergusonTractor188
Massey FergusonTractor20 Indust/Const
Massey FergusonTractor20D Indust/Const
Massey FergusonTractor20F Indust/Const
Massey FergusonTractor230
Massey FergusonTractor235 Indust/Const
Massey FergusonTractor240
Massey FergusonTractor240S
Massey FergusonTractor243
Massey FergusonTractor245
Massey FergusonTractor250
Massey FergusonTractor253
Massey FergusonTractor255
Massey FergusonTractor263
Massey FergusonTractor275
Massey FergusonTractor285
Massey FergusonTractor290
Massey FergusonTractor3050
Massey FergusonTractor3060
Massey FergusonTractor3070
Massey FergusonTractor3075
Massey FergusonTractor3080
Massey FergusonTractor3085
Massey FergusonTractor3090
Massey FergusonTractor3095
Massey FergusonTractor30E Indust/Const
Massey FergusonTractor3115
Massey FergusonTractor3120
Massey FergusonTractor3125
Massey FergusonTractor340
Massey FergusonTractor350 Indust/Const
Massey FergusonTractor355
Massey FergusonTractor360
Massey FergusonTractor3610
Massey FergusonTractor3630
Massey FergusonTractor3635
Massey FergusonTractor3645
Massey FergusonTractor3650
Massey FergusonTractor3655
Massey FergusonTractor3670
Massey FergusonTractor3680
Massey FergusonTractor3690
Massey FergusonTractor375
Massey FergusonTractor390T
Massey FergusonTractor396
Massey FergusonTractor398
Massey FergusonTractor399
Massey FergusonTractor40E Indust/Const
Massey FergusonTractor415
Massey FergusonTractor425
Massey FergusonTractor435
Massey FergusonTractor440
Massey FergusonTractor445
Massey FergusonTractor460
Massey FergusonTractor465
Massey FergusonTractor475
Massey FergusonTractor481
Massey FergusonTractor492
Massey FergusonTractor50 Indust/Const
Massey FergusonTractor50B Indust/Const
Massey FergusonTractor50E Indust/Const
Massey FergusonTractor50EX Indust/Const
Massey FergusonTractor5335
Massey FergusonTractor5340
Massey FergusonTractor5355
Massey FergusonTractor5360
Massey FergusonTractor5365
Massey FergusonTractor560 Combine
Massey FergusonTractor565 Combine
Massey FergusonTractor590
Massey FergusonTractor592
Massey FergusonTractor595
Massey FergusonTractor6120
Massey FergusonTractor6130
Massey FergusonTractor6140
Massey FergusonTractor6150
Massey FergusonTractor6160
Massey FergusonTractor6170
Massey FergusonTractor6180
Massey FergusonTractor6190
Massey FergusonTractor6260
Massey FergusonTractor6270
Massey FergusonTractor6280
Massey FergusonTractor6290
Massey FergusonTractor650
Massey FergusonTractor660 Combine
Massey FergusonTractor680
Massey FergusonTractor8110
Massey FergusonTractor8120
Massey FergusonTractor8130
Massey FergusonTractor8140
Massey FergusonTractor8150
Massey FergusonTractor8160
Massey FergusonTractor8170
Massey FergusonTractor8180
Massey FergusonTractor8210
Massey FergusonTractor8220

Replaces These Part Numbers

Massey Ferguson1874120M94, 1874120T94

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