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Oil Pressure Switch for Massey Ferguson Tractor - 3599307M91 1877721M92

Oil Pressure Switch for Massey Ferguson Tractor - 3599307M91 1877721M92

Item #: 1209-1803
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Oil Pressure Switches
Complete Tractor oil pressure switches are precisely engineered to monitor the oil pressure in the engine. If the pressure reaches a level that is not conducive for properly functioning engine performance, the switch will indicate a problem. Operating the engine with low pressure can cause significant damage. The oil pressure switch is a critical component to ensure the safe operation of your tractor engine.

3 Reasons to Buy Your Oil Pressure Switch from Complete Tractor

  • OEM Quality Every Time – Our aftermarket products deliver performance that’s equivalent to the ones made by OEM suppliers.
  • Direct-Fit OEM Replacement Parts – Installation is easy because the oil pressure Switch is designed to work just like the originals.
  • Engineer-Tested Excellence – Our aftermarket products are made to meet high performance standards.

The Complete Tractor Advantage – 1-Year Warranty
We stand behind every product with our total-confidence 1-year warranty. Yes, you have a full year to make sure everything meets your expectations.

Part Number: C1209-1803T

MPN: 1209-1803

Part Notes

Oil Pressure Switch

Part Fitment

Select Make & Type
MakeVehicle TypeModel
Massey FergusonLoader50F Loader
Massey FergusonLoader50H Loader
Massey FergusonTractor154-4S
Massey FergusonTractor1744S
Massey FergusonTractor1844
Massey FergusonTractor1944F
Massey FergusonTractor20D Indust/Const
Massey FergusonTractor20E Indust/Const
Massey FergusonTractor20F Indust/Const
Massey FergusonTractor231
Massey FergusonTractor240P
Massey FergusonTractor240S
Massey FergusonTractor25 Indust/Const
Massey FergusonTractor253
Massey FergusonTractor261
Massey FergusonTractor263
Massey FergusonTractor2640
Massey FergusonTractor265S
Massey FergusonTractor270
Massey FergusonTractor2705
Massey FergusonTractor271
Massey FergusonTractor274-4
Massey FergusonTractor275
Massey FergusonTractor281
Massey FergusonTractor282
Massey FergusonTractor283
Massey FergusonTractor283 Brazil
Massey FergusonTractor285S
Massey FergusonTractor294-4
Massey FergusonTractor298
Massey FergusonTractor3050
Massey FergusonTractor3060
Massey FergusonTractor3065
Massey FergusonTractor3070
Massey FergusonTractor3075
Massey FergusonTractor3090
Massey FergusonTractor3095
Massey FergusonTractor30E Indust/Const
Massey FergusonTractor3120
Massey FergusonTractor3120T
Massey FergusonTractor3125
Massey FergusonTractor3140
Massey FergusonTractor3505
Massey FergusonTractor3525
Massey FergusonTractor3545
Massey FergusonTractor360
Massey FergusonTractor362
Massey FergusonTractor3630
Massey FergusonTractor3645
Massey FergusonTractor364S
Massey FergusonTractor365
Massey FergusonTractor3650
Massey FergusonTractor3655
Massey FergusonTractor374S
Massey FergusonTractor374V
Massey FergusonTractor375
Massey FergusonTractor383
Massey FergusonTractor384S
Massey FergusonTractor390
Massey FergusonTractor390T
Massey FergusonTractor393
Massey FergusonTractor394S
Massey FergusonTractor396
Massey FergusonTractor398
Massey FergusonTractor399
Massey FergusonTractor40E Indust/Const
Massey FergusonTractor4225
Massey FergusonTractor4235
Massey FergusonTractor4240
Massey FergusonTractor4243
Massey FergusonTractor4245
Massey FergusonTractor4253
Massey FergusonTractor4255
Massey FergusonTractor4260
Massey FergusonTractor4263
Massey FergusonTractor4265
Massey FergusonTractor4270
Massey FergusonTractor4325
Massey FergusonTractor4335
Massey FergusonTractor4345
Massey FergusonTractor4355
Massey FergusonTractor4360
Massey FergusonTractor4370
Massey FergusonTractor4800
Massey FergusonTractor4900
Massey FergusonTractor50E Indust/Const
Massey FergusonTractor6100
Massey FergusonTractor6140
Massey FergusonTractor6150
Massey FergusonTractor6170
Massey FergusonTractor6180
Massey FergusonTractor6190
Massey FergusonTractor6235
Massey FergusonTractor6245
Massey FergusonTractor6255
Massey FergusonTractor6265
Massey FergusonTractor6270
Massey FergusonTractor6280
Massey FergusonTractor6290
Massey FergusonTractor670
Massey FergusonTractor690
Massey FergusonTractor698
Massey FergusonTractor699
Massey FergusonTractor8100
Massey FergusonTractor8120
Massey FergusonTractor8210
Massey FergusonTractor8220
Massey FergusonTractor8250
Massey FergusonTractorA3.152 w/.043 Liner
Massey FergusonTractorA3.152 w/.145 Liner
Massey FergusonTractorA4.236 Diesel Eng (early block)
Massey FergusonTractorA4.236 Diesel Eng (late block)
Massey FergusonTractorAT6.354 Eng

Replaces These Part Numbers

Massey Ferguson1877721M92, 3599307M91, 35999307M91

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