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Fuel Solenoid for Ford/New Holland TS90, TT55 83981012 Tractors; 1103-3300
Fuel Solenoid for Ford/New Holland TS90, TT55 83981012 Tractors; 1103-3300

Fuel Solenoid for Ford/New Holland TS90, TT55 83981012 Tractors; 1103-3300

Item #: 1103-3300
Complete Tractor fuel solenoids enhance fuel system performance
  • Restores quick starts and smooth idling
  • Manages flow of fuel for efficient operation
  • Improves fuel system performance
  • Matches OEM fuel solenoid fitment specifications
  • Value priced to save you money
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Complete Tractor Fuel Solenoids
A properly running tractor fuel system depends on a quality fuel solenoid to manage the flow of fuel in the system. Complete Tractor offers highly engineered fuel solenoids that work with exceptional precision in delivering fuel. Fuel solenoids work by allowing fuel to flow and then closing to stop the flow. The valve opens and closes by the transmission of electrical impulses.

Signs a fuel solenoid should be replaced
Like any component, the fuel solenoid will eventually diminish in performance. Signs that you should check the condition of your fuel solenoid include difficult cold starts, rough idling and a “check engine” light that comes on. Of course, these signs can be triggered by many other factors, but the performance of the fuel solenoid is one thing that should be on the list to inspect.

3 reasons to buy your tractor fuel solenoid from Complete Tractor

  1. Matches OEM Specifications: Your new tractor fuel solenoid will match the original one that came with your tractor when it was new. We replicate the original specifications for fitment and materials according to what the original manufacturer used.
  2. Restores Like-New Performance: Your replacement fuel solenoid will restore quick starts and smooth idling while in operation.
  3. Saves Money with Pricing Below OEM Fuel Solenoids: Complete Tractor beats OEM dealers on price practically every time. We routinely price our products to be less expensive than what you’ll find elsewhere.

The Complete Tractor Advantage – 1-Year Warranty
We stand behind every product with our total-confidence 1-year warranty. Yes, you have a full year to make sure everything meets your expectations.

Part Number: C1103-3300T

MPN: 1103-3300

Part Notes

Description: Fuel Solenoid
Voltage: 12V
Notes: Replaces CAV 7167-620A, 7167-620B. This product superseded the following SKU's: 1403-3300, 1703-3301, 2403-3302

Part Fitment

Select Make & Type
MakeVehicle TypeModel
Ford/New HollandTractor250C
Ford/New HollandTractor260C
Ford/New HollandTractor276V
Ford/New HollandTractor3010S
Ford/New HollandTractor3230
Ford/New HollandTractor3430
Ford/New HollandTractor345C Indust/Const
Ford/New HollandTractor345D Indust/Const
Ford/New HollandTractor3830
Ford/New HollandTractor3930
Ford/New HollandTractor4010S
Ford/New HollandTractor4030 3 Cyl 92-96
Ford/New HollandTractor4130 3 Cyl 90-99
Ford/New HollandTractor4230
Ford/New HollandTractor4430
Ford/New HollandTractor445C Indust/Const
Ford/New HollandTractor445D Indust/Const
Ford/New HollandTractor455C Indust/Const
Ford/New HollandTractor455D Indust/Const
Ford/New HollandTractor4630
Ford/New HollandTractor4830
Ford/New HollandTractor5010S
Ford/New HollandTractor5030
Ford/New HollandTractor5110
Ford/New HollandTractor545C Indust/Const
Ford/New HollandTractor545D Indust/Const
Ford/New HollandTractor5530
Ford/New HollandTractor555C Indust/Const
Ford/New HollandTractor555D Indust/Const
Ford/New HollandTractor555E Indust/Const
Ford/New HollandTractor5610S
Ford/New HollandTractor575D Indust/Const
Ford/New HollandTractor575E Indust/Const
Ford/New HollandTractor6530
Ford/New HollandTractor655C Indust/Const
Ford/New HollandTractor655D Indust/Const
Ford/New HollandTractor655E Indust/Const
Ford/New HollandTractor6610S
Ford/New HollandTractor675D Indust/Const
Ford/New HollandTractor675E Indust/Const
Ford/New HollandTractor6810S
Ford/New HollandTractor7530
Ford/New HollandTractor755B Indust/Const
Ford/New HollandTractor7610S
Ford/New HollandTractor7810S
Ford/New HollandTractor7840
Ford/New HollandTractor8010
Ford/New HollandTractor8240
Ford/New HollandTractor8340
Ford/New HollandTractor9030E
Ford/New HollandTractor9030V
Ford/New HollandTractorHW320 Windrower
Ford/New HollandTractorTB100
Ford/New HollandTractorTB110
Ford/New HollandTractorTB120
Ford/New HollandTractorTB80
Ford/New HollandTractorTB90
Ford/New HollandTractorTS100
Ford/New HollandTractorTS110
Ford/New HollandTractorTS115
Ford/New HollandTractorTS90
Ford/New HollandTractorTT55
Ford/New HollandTractorTT65
Ford/New HollandTractorTT75

Replaces These Part Numbers

Ford/New Holland83981012, 9986316, E8NN9D278AA, X-A-E8NN9D278AA, X-HF83981012, X-S.57427

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WARNING: California’s Proposition 65
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