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Water Pump for Case International Tractor - J286277 J802970 J802358 A77471
Water Pump for Case International Tractor - J286277 J802970 J802358 A77471

Water Pump for Case International Tractor - J286277 J802970 J802358 A77471

Item #: 1706-6208
Complete Tractor water pumps circulate coolant with high efficiency to maintain the optimal operating temperature.
  • High durability impeller blade resists breakage.
  • Primed and painted for protection against corrosion
  • Reliable leak-free design gets your tractor back in the field
  • Engineered for efficient circulation of coolant for maximum engine protection
  • 100% new water pump designed for a long service life
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Complete Tractor Water Pump 1706-6208 is an aftermarket replacement water pump for Case International tractors, crawlers, excavators, windrowers and loaders that originally came with OEM part number 00181135, 303456242, 3286277, 3802358, 4892175, A77471, A77703, J286277, J286278, J802358 or J802970. Our water pump moves coolant through the engine block, hoses and radiator with optimal efficiency. This is a pulley drive water pump that uses a serpentine belt.

OEM Quality for Reliable Performance
Water pump is sourced from factories that partner with Complete Tractor in the design and manufacture of tractor components that meet or exceed OEM specifications. OEM quality impeller blade resists breakage over the life of the pump. Primed and painted pump is protected from the corrosive effects of rusting.

Everything You Need to Get Back in the Field Quickly
Complete unit comes with new O-ring to ensure a leak-free installation. Sturdy packaging ensures your water pump arrives protected from damage while in transit. Ready-to-ship inventory gets you back in the field without delay. Quality construction matches OEM specs at a price typically 30 percent less than OEM produced components.

Part Number: C1706-6208T

MPN: 1706-6208

Part Notes

Water Pump

Part Fitment

Select Make & Type
MakeVehicle TypeModel
Case/International HarvesterCrawler1150E Crawler
Case/International HarvesterCrawler1150G Crawler
Case/International HarvesterCrawler1150H Crawler
Case/International HarvesterCrawler450C Crawler
Case/International HarvesterCrawler455C Crawler
Case/International HarvesterCrawler550 Crawler
Case/International HarvesterCrawler550E Crawler
Case/International HarvesterCrawler550G Crawler
Case/International HarvesterCrawler550H Crawler
Case/International HarvesterCrawler650G Crawler
Case/International HarvesterCrawler650H Crawler
Case/International HarvesterCrawler750H Crawler
Case/International HarvesterCrawler850 Crawler
Case/International HarvesterCrawler850D Crawler
Case/International HarvesterCrawler850E Crawler
Case/International HarvesterCrawler850G Crawler
Case/International HarvesterCrawler850H Crawler
Case/International HarvesterCrawler855D Crawler
Case/International HarvesterCrawler855E Crawler
Case/International HarvesterExcavator688 Excavator
Case/International HarvesterExcavator9010B Excavator
Case/International HarvesterExcavator9020 Excavator
Case/International HarvesterExcavator9020B Excavator
Case/International HarvesterExcavator9030 Excavator
Case/International HarvesterExcavator9030B Excavator
Case/International HarvesterExcavatorCX130 Excavator
Case/International HarvesterExcavatorCX160 Excavator
Case/International HarvesterExcavatorCX210 Excavator
Case/International HarvesterExcavatorCX210LR Excavator
Case/International HarvesterExcavatorCX240 Excavator
Case/International HarvesterExcavatorCX240LR Excavator
Case/International HarvesterExcavatorCX290 Excavator
Case/International HarvesterLoader1840 Skid Steer
Case/International HarvesterLoader1845C Skid Steer
Case/International HarvesterLoader621 Loader
Case/International HarvesterLoader621B Loader
Case/International HarvesterLoader621C Loader
Case/International HarvesterLoader75XT Skid Steer
Case/International HarvesterLoader85XT Skid Steer
Case/International HarvesterLoader90XT Skid Steer
Case/International HarvesterLoader95XT Skid Steer
Case/International HarvesterLoaderW11B Loader
Case/International HarvesterLoaderW14B Loader
Case/International HarvesterLoaderW14C Loader
Case/International HarvesterTractor1085B Indust/Const
Case/International HarvesterTractor1086B Indust/Const
Case/International HarvesterTractor1088 Indust/Const
Case/International HarvesterTractor1620 Combine
Case/International HarvesterTractor1640 Combine
Case/International HarvesterTractor1644 Combine
Case/International HarvesterTractor1800 Cotton Picker
Case/International HarvesterTractor1822 Cotton Picker
Case/International HarvesterTractor1896
Case/International HarvesterTractor2022 Cotton Picker
Case/International HarvesterTractor2096
Case/International HarvesterTractor2344 Combine
Case/International HarvesterTractor480E Indust/Const
Case/International HarvesterTractor480ELL Indust/Const
Case/International HarvesterTractor480F Indust/Const
Case/International HarvesterTractor480FLL Indust/Const
Case/International HarvesterTractor4T-390 Eng
Case/International HarvesterTractor5.9L Eng
Case/International HarvesterTractor5120
Case/International HarvesterTractor5130
Case/International HarvesterTractor5140
Case/International HarvesterTractor5220
Case/International HarvesterTractor5230
Case/International HarvesterTractor5240
Case/International HarvesterTractor5250
Case/International HarvesterTractor570LXT Indust/Const
Case/International HarvesterTractor570MXT Indust/Const
Case/International HarvesterTractor580E Indust/Const
Case/International HarvesterTractor580K Indust/Const
Case/International HarvesterTractor580L Indust/Const
Case/International HarvesterTractor580L Series 2 Indust/Const
Case/International HarvesterTractor580M Indust/Const
Case/International HarvesterTractor580SE Indust/Const
Case/International HarvesterTractor580SK Indust/Const
Case/International HarvesterTractor580SL Indust/Const
Case/International HarvesterTractor580SL Series 2 Indust/Const
Case/International HarvesterTractor580SM Indust/Const
Case/International HarvesterTractor584E Indust/Const
Case/International HarvesterTractor585E Indust/Const
Case/International HarvesterTractor585G Indust/Const
Case/International HarvesterTractor586E Indust/Const
Case/International HarvesterTractor588G Indust/Const
Case/International HarvesterTractor590 Indust/Const
Case/International HarvesterTractor590SL Indust/Const
Case/International HarvesterTractor590SL Series 2 Indust/Const
Case/International HarvesterTractor590SM Indust/Const
Case/International HarvesterTractor650 Indust/Const
Case/International HarvesterTractor6591 Power Unit
Case/International HarvesterTractor6591T Power Unit
Case/International HarvesterTractor660
Case/International HarvesterTractor680K Indust/Const
Case/International HarvesterTractor680L Indust/Const
Case/International HarvesterTractor6T-590 Eng
Case/International HarvesterTractor6TA-590 Eng
Case/International HarvesterTractor760 Trencher
Case/International HarvesterTractor780C Indust/Const
Case/International HarvesterTractor780D Indust/Const
Case/International HarvesterTractor860
Case/International HarvesterTractor9010 Indust/Const
Case/International HarvesterTractor9110
Case/International HarvesterTractor9130
Case/International HarvesterTractor960 Trencher
Case/International HarvesterTractorMX100
Case/International HarvesterTractorMX100C
Case/International HarvesterTractorMX110
Case/International HarvesterTractorMX120
Case/International HarvesterTractorMX135
Case/International HarvesterTractorMX150
Case/International HarvesterTractorMX170
Case/International HarvesterWindrower6000 Windrower
Case/International HarvesterWindrower6500 Windrower
Case/International HarvesterWindrower8820 Windrower
Case/International HarvesterWindrower8825 Windrower
Case/International HarvesterWindrower8825HP Windrower
Case/International HarvesterWindrower8830 Windrower
Case/International HarvesterWindrower8840 Windrower
Case/International HarvesterWindrower8850 Windrower
Case/International HarvesterWindrower8860 Windrower
Case/International HarvesterWindrower8870 Windrower
Case/International HarvesterWindrower8880 Windrower
Case/International HarvesterWindrower8880HP Windrower

Replaces These Part Numbers

Case/International Harvester00181135, 303456242, 3286277, 3802358, 4892175, A77471, A77703, J286277, J286278, J802358, J802970, X-A-A77703, X-A-J802970, X-S.57862

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