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Replacement Fuel Injector Kubota Tractor L175 B1550D B1550E B1750D B1750E B2150
Replacement Fuel Injector Kubota Tractor L175 B1550D B1550E B1750D B1750E B2150

Replacement Fuel Injector Kubota Tractor L175 B1550D B1550E B1750D B1750E B2150

Item #: 1903-3020
Complete Tractor keeps you working in the field with engineer-tested electrical components for tractors.
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Complete Tractor Fuel Injectors
Complete Tractor keeps you working in the field with engineer-tested fuel system components for tractors. We work directly with factories to ensure each component is manufactured to our exacting quality control standards that meet genuine OEM specifications. But because there is no middleman, we can offer these exceptional-quality fuel-system components at low factory direct prices.

With Complete Tractor fuel system products, you’ll get …

  • OEM Quality Every Time – Our aftermarket fuel system components deliver performance that’s equivalent to the ones made by OEM suppliers.
  • Direct-Fit OEM Replacement Parts – Complete Tractor aftermarket fuel system components are designed for perfect fitment to replace the ones that originally came in your tractor.
  • Engineer-Tested Excellence – Our fuel system components go through a rigorous testing program to ensure optimal performance.

Fuel Injectors offer precision and efficiency
Designed to meet strict OEM level standards, our fuel injectors deliver smooth engine operation and high fuel efficiency.

Reasons to choose Complete Tractor for your next fuel injector:

  • Ready to install with seals for leak-free performance
  • 100% quality pressure checked before shipment
  • Brand new fuel injector – not a secondhand refurbished one
  • Absolutely never pay a core charge with your purchase

The Complete Tractor Advantage – 1-Year Warranty
Complete Tractor delivers exceptional value for products that we stand behind with our total-confidence 1-year warranty. Yes, you have a full year to make sure your fuel system components meet your expectations.

Part Number: C1903-3020T
MPN: 1903-3020
Part Notes

  • MakeVehicle TypeModel
  • KubotaExcavator KH36 Excavator
  • Kubota Excavator KH41 Excavator
  • Kubota Excavator KH51 Excavator
  • Kubota Excavator KH61 Excavator
  • Kubota Mower F2000 Mower
  • Kubota Mower F2100 Mower
  • Kubota Mower F2100E Mower
  • Kubota Tractor B1550D
  • Kubota Tractor B1550E
  • Kubota Tractor B1550HSTD
  • Kubota Tractor B1550HSTE
  • Kubota Tractor B1750D
  • Kubota Tractor B1750E
  • Kubota Tractor B1750HSTD
  • Kubota Tractor B1750HSTE
  • Kubota Tractor B20 Indust/Const
  • Kubota Tractor B2150D
  • Kubota Tractor B2150E
  • Kubota Tractor B2150HSD
  • Kubota Tractor B2150HSE
  • Kubota Tractor B4200D
  • Kubota Tractor B5100DP
  • Kubota Tractor B5100EP
  • Kubota Tractor B6100DP
  • Kubota Tractor B6100EP
  • Kubota Tractor B6100HSTD
  • Kubota Tractor B6100HSTE
  • Kubota Tractor B7100DP
  • Kubota Tractor B7100HSTD
  • Kubota Tractor B7100HSTE
  • Kubota Tractor B9200HSTDP
  • Kubota Tractor B9200HSTEP
  • Kubota Tractor GL4500S Generator
  • Kubota Tractor GL5500S Generator
  • Kubota Tractor GL6500S Generator
  • Kubota Tractor KH-1
  • Kubota Tractor KH-18L
  • Kubota Tractor KH-35H
  • Kubota Tractor KH-51H
  • Kubota Tractor KH-60H
  • Kubota Tractor KH-61H
  • Kubota Tractor KH-90H
  • Kubota Tractor L175
  • Kubota Tractor L185DT
  • Kubota Tractor L185F
  • Kubota Tractor L2050DT
  • Kubota Tractor L2050F
  • Kubota Tractor L225
  • Kubota Tractor L225DT
  • Kubota Tractor L235
  • Kubota Tractor L2350DT
  • Kubota Tractor L2350F
  • Kubota Tractor L245DT
  • Kubota Tractor L245F
  • Kubota Tractor L245H
  • Kubota Tractor L275
  • Kubota Tractor L295DT
  • Kubota Tractor L295F
  • Kubota Tractor L305DT
  • Kubota Tractor L305F

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